20 MAY 2019            

Innovative events and marketing professional and Unified Events Founder Kiara Sullivan is filling the gaps in the exhibition industry.

The events industry is extremely competitive and ever changing, producing a challenging landscape for success, but Sullivan is proving that she is a main player in the exhibition space and is not going anywhere soon. Unified Events is known for delivering quality events and exhibitions across the Gold Coast and Brisbane. With Sullivan’s 10 years of experience in the marketing industry as well as more than six years previously running food and wine expositions across Australia, her wealth of knowledge has garnered a strong reputation for her commitment to organising highly successful events and marketing campaigns. Sullivan has managed more than 2500 business clients and exhibitors, as well as achieving total event visitation of more than 250,000 targeted consumers.

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F Magazine Article

F Magazine Article about Unified Event Horizon Boat Show

After establishing her business four years ago, Sullivan has grown her two person team to include four permanent staff and multiple contractors. The 29-year old has launched several consumer events including Kids Expo, The Women Expo and Eco Expo, filling significant gaps in the exhibition sector.

Sullivan and her team have shifted their focus offshore for their newest exhibition, creating Horizon Shores Boat and Marine Show, to shake up the boat show scene. Rather than purely showcasing boats and boating accessories, Unified Events will be combining all aspects of the marine lifestyle incorporating a gourmet food and wine precinct and live music. “I’ve worked on numerous expos throughout my career and have found there wasn’t anything like this, an outdoor festival with the sole purpose of celebrating our unique waterways and the marine lifestyle,” Sullivan said. “This event has been created to be all-inclusive and family-friendly, with a special focus on sustainability and preserving our marine environment.”

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